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MAE Undergraduate Tutoring

Please see below for a list of private tutors. In order to be chosen, tutors had to have earned an A or A-  in the class they plan to tutor. The MAE Department does not provide training for tutors or evaluate their ability to tutor.

Meeting times, locations, payment rates and payment collection will be handled exclusively between you and the tutor. The MAE department will have no involvement in any disputes between the tutor and client for any of the aforementioned subjects.

Eric Brown (Mechanical Engineering)

Hourly Rate: $20
Group Hourly Rate: $30
Courses: ME 2010 (Statics), ME 2020 (Mechanics of Materials), ME 2030 (Dynamics), ME 2850 (Numerical Methods)

Katie Frost (Mechanical Engineering)

Hourly Rate: $15
Group Hourly Rate: $12/Student
Phone (Call or Text): (703) 343-5864
Courses: ME 2010 (Statics)

Michael Linzinmeir (Mechanical Engineering)

Hourly Rate: $12
Group Hourly Rate: $15
Phone (Call or Text)(614) 749-0167
Courses: ME 2900 (Intro to Design in ME), ME 3260 (System Dynamics), ME 3501 (Thermodynamics), ME 3670 (Machine Elements I), ME 3870 (Measurements & Data Analysis)

Logan Meyer (Mechanical Engineering)

Hourly Rate: $25
Group Hourly Rate: $50
Phone (Call)(419) 494-5730
Courses: ME 2010 (Statics), ME 2020 (Mechanics of Materials), ME 2030 (Dynamics), ME 2900 (Intro to Design in ME), ME 2850.01(Numerical Methods), ME 3260 (System Dynamics), ME 3501(Thermodynamics), ME 3670 (Design Analysis Machine Elements I), ME 3751 (Kinematics), ME 3870 (Measurements and Data Analysis), ME 3503 (Fluid Mechanics), ME 3671 (Machine Elements II), ME 3360 (System Integration and Control), ISE 4500 (Manufacturing Process Engineering), ME 4510 (Heat Transfer), ME 5680 (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing), ME 4684 (Product Design Capstone I)

Gage Sovey (Mechanial Engineering) 

Hourly Rate: $10
Phone (Call or Text): (440) 596-9518
Courses: ME 2010 (Statics); ME 2020 (Mechanics of Materials); ME 3260 (System Dynamics); ME 3870 (Measurements and Data Analysis)

Derek Walker (Aerospace Engineering) 

Hourly Rate: $15
Group Rate: $20
Phone (Call or Text)(330) 441-1124
Courses: ME 2010 (Statics), ME 2020 (Mechanics of Materials), ME 2030 (Dynamics), AAE 2200 (Intro to AAE I), AAE 2405 (Thermodynamics)

Academic Integrity

Please be aware that in your sessions, you and the client will be expected to maintain academic integrity and follow the rules of the University's Code of Student Conduct on Academic Misconduct.