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Application to the Major

Admission to the Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering major is by application only and is in accordance with the College of Engineering enrollment management plan approved by the University Council on Academic Affairs. 

What is the selection criteria for the Aerospace Engineering major? 

Acceptance into the Aerospace Engineering major is based on a numerical ceiling per year. Admission is competitive and based solely on a student's Eligibility Point Hour Ratio (EPHR).

In order to be eligible to apply to the major, students must be enrolled in final admission to major course(s). Additionally, students must have a minimum 2.0 EPHR; however, this minimum does not guarantee acceptance into the major.  

Prerequisite courses to the major are English 1110.xx, University Survey, and the EPHR courses listed below. Students with an EPHR of 3.2 and above are automatically admitted to the Aerospace Engineering major. 

Students may only apply to the Aerospace Engineering major twice.

What are the EPHR Courses? 

CHEM 1250; ENGR 1181, ENGR 1182; MATH 1172, MATH 2173; PHYSICS 1250, PHYSICS 1251; AEROENG 2200; MECHENG 2040; or their equivalents. Please check with an Academic Advisor ( for questions regarding course equivalencies. 

When are applications to the major accepted? 

Applications are only accepted during the Autumn semester.

How do students apply to the major? What is the deadline to apply? 

Applications are due by the third Friday of the semester and late applications will not be accepted.

Despite applying to the major by the third Friday of the semester, major decisions will not be made until after final semester grades have been submitted.

Apply to the Aerospace Engineering major here. 

What happens when a student takes an EPHR course at another institution? 

Transfer credit for EPHR courses will be accepted. The course grades awarded by the Transfer Credit Center will be included in the calculation. 

How is a student's EPHR calculated if an EPHR course is repeated? 

If an EPHR course is repeated, the most recent grade is taken.

How can a student calculate their EPHR? 

Students can view their current EPHR by running a degree audit from buckeyelink or by entering grades into the EPHR Calculator. If EPHR courses have been taken at another institution, please see an advisor for assistance in hand-calculating the EPHR. 

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Applications for the Aerospace Engineering major are not currently being accepted.