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Available Electronics Lab Equipment

Lab equipment is available for checkout.

Please see lab personel for checkout sheet.

Available equipment:
Equipment Detail
Temp. & Air Velocity Meter  Omega HHF51
Microphone Preamp/P.S.  Larson Davis 2200C   
Strobe Light 1538-A  General Radio
Sound Level Meter  Radio Shack
Strain Gage Amp Rack Vishay 2110
LVDT  Transducer   Amplifier  Schaevitz 
Stepper   2.3V  3A  100:1 reduction   with holding brake
Stepper   3.36V  2.9A  200 steps/revolution  100:1 reduction planetary
Worm Drive DC  24V can be driven with different voltages for different speeds
Stepper 2.3A  1.8 degree/step
12VDC  Pittman 187:1 planetary   With encoder
Power Supplies  
Agilent E3620A  0-25V, 0-1A Dual Output
HP E3631A 0-6V,5A  +/- 25 1A
Electro D-612T  0-16V   10A
HP 6653A 0-35V    0-15A
HQPower PS23003AU 0-30V   0-3A Dual supply
Pressure Gauges  
Sensotec Model CP301   0-4 bar ABS
Sensotec Model mg/7574-01 5000 PSIG
Sensotec Model A 5/7202-01-01  0-100 PSIG
RDP LME30g1000K  0-10 BAR Gauge
Sensotec Model 7351-02  0-5 BAR ABS
Sensotec Model Z/6902-03  +/- 10 PSID
DCT JKW5KGZ 0-1384 X100  inches H2O
Sensotec Model 7776-01 50 PSIA
Sensotec Model 440/A556-02 10-PSIA