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Get Involved! Capstone Design Programs

The department seeks alumni and friends interested in getting involved with our capstone design programs and student organizations. Our alumni and friends have expertise, experiences, insight, contacts and resources that can benefit students in our senior design programs while greatly enhancing our students’ understanding of modern engineering design.

Have a project idea? Looking to partner?
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There are many ways to connect, ranging from short-term to long-term involvement and limited to deeper participation. Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Judging capstone competitions and helping assess students’ work at design reviews and mid-semester presentations
  • Functioning as a technical expert or advisor as part of one of the capstone projects
  • Donating funds and/or gifts-in-kind
  • Sponsoring a specific industrial capstone project

For those preferring more in-depth and long-term interaction with students, there is opportunity to mentor a student team through the development of their capstone project in a closely-related technical area. It is also possible to sponsor an entire class recitation section where multiple student teams in a class section would work together on a project with a common engineering design theme, such as cost reduction, improved performance or value, innovative concepts or development of products directed toward new markets. In this setting, each student team provides a unique solution set to the question of interest.

Contact Russell Marzette ( or Cliff Whitfield ( for more information.