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Scott Laboratory, Electronics Lab

The Student Electronics Lab is open to all Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering students, faculty and staff. We are here to support the department by providing a unique area for experimentation and education in electronics.

The lab is equipped with five stations for prototyping and experimentation.  The following equipment is also available for use:

  • Spectrum analyzers
  • Function generators
  • Power supplies
  • Filters
  • Microscope (for strain gage attachment)

In addition to analog electronics, the electronics lab also offers a suite of digital tools using the Microchip line of processors.  Also available is programmable logic in the form of GALs (Generic Array Logic) and PALCE (Programmable Array Logic).  A universal programmer capable of EPROMs (Electrically Programmable Read-Only Memory) and other memory elements will be made accessible to the students.

General How-To